How to Increase Perfume Longevity

how to increase perfume longevity

Longevity in perfume is one of the most important factors. Although companies strive to produce more lasting perfumes, sometimes this is not successful. Longevity may vary due to reasons such as the content of the perfume, usage habits and production standards that the brands must comply with.

How Can We Increase Perfume Longevity?

Whether open or closed pores on the skin is an important factor for
longevity. The time when the pores are most clear is after the shower. Therefore, squeezing the skin immediately after the shower increases the
longevity of the perfume.
Moisturizing products prepare a tissue to hold the perfume and increase the longevity by preventing the perfume from evaporating immediately.

Fat and salt ratios that are different in each skin may have different results. The spread and persistence of the odor may also vary according to these ratios.
PH rate of the body is definitely one of the factors that affect perfume’s
longevity and smell. The body of a normal human being has an alkaline value of 6.8 to 7.4 (pH). In particular, the bottom notes of perfumes can vary greatly depending on the pH of your body.
The fact that the skin is oily or dry affects both the longevity and smell of the perfume. If you have an oily skin, if you have a spicy, dry skin, floral scents will give better results.

Body temperature also affects the smell of perfumes. A warm skin will increase the scent spread.
Notes plays a major role in permanence. For a long lasting fragrance, perfumes with woody notes should be preferred.
The persistence of perfumes affected by temperature, light and moisture decreases. By keeping the perfume in the refrigerator, its durability and lifetime can be increased.


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